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English Nettle Founder, Valerie (Nellie) Hudson-Yeo

ENGLISH NETTLE Founder – Valerie (Nellie) Hudson-Yeo

English Nettle is a brand new label with its roots based firmly in the English countryside

Delivering beautifully tailored pieces for the contemporary woman. British designed, using luxury, heritage fabric, from the very best Mills. Beautiful, timeless, elegant country styled garments, fully coordinated, creating an easy ‘put together look’ .

Our ethos is to turn our back on fast fashion, preferring to focus on our passion to create key pieces, that will stand the test of time and become your favourite and most complimented investment piece, that will enhance your wardrobe and give you pleasure for years to come.

I don’t know about you but I’ve have always struggled to find clothes that I truly love … I adore garments that are individual, embellished and made from quality fabric, clothes that are not found on the high street and that stand out for their tailoring and style.

Rather than being an avid follower of the latest fashion trends, that seem to quickly come and go, I prefer to have a few key investment pieces that transcend time and seasons and which form part of my capsule wardrobe. Garments that make me feel good and confident wherever the day takes me.

With the closing of my favourite boutique, I started to idly play with the idea of creating my own label, featuring styles and designs that I love, after all if you can’t buy it, why not create it?

In the weeks that followed, I slowly started to hatch a plan… I began sketching out my first designs on the kitchen table. This coupled with a chance meeting with a talented pattern cutter and subsequent connection made with a manufacturer and my idea soon started to gather momentum…

English Nettle - design planning

Over the next two years, I slowly got to grips with the different aspects and stages involved in clothing manufacture. Everyday I worked on my ideas, honing designs, attended business classes and visited trade shows. I then started the @nellie_nettles Instagram page, in which my lovely followers joined me, as I embarked on my exciting journey, to launch my own clothing label. During this period, I’ve been lucky enough to have met some fabulous people, who have encouraged and supported me at each of the different milestones, I faced.

This Launch is the culmination of 1,000’s of hours of work from taking those first brave steps from being an everyday consumer, who couldn’t find what she wanted, through to sketches made on my kitchen table, culminating in their actual Manufacture! …. It’s a proud moment to finally see these beautiful garments, jump off the page and come to life and to create ENGLISH NETTLE’S first Debut Collection entitled ‘The Village’, inspired by my own little village and the surrounding areas in Oxfordshire, that hold a special place in my heart.

So I invite you to browse our new website and take a look for yourself.

Oh and if you’re confused about my name, my friends call me Nellie, a nick name that I inherited from a lovely Aunt! ?

Thanking you wonderful people for all your continued support.

Love Nellie x

English Nettle - textiles
English Nettle - patterns
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